When it comes to installing or maintaining your HVAC systems, choosing the right service provider is essential. Here’s why selecting a NATE-certified service technician in Lewes, DE, can lower your monthly costs and help keep your family safe.

What’s NATE Certification?

NATE, which stands for North American Technician Excellence, is a nonprofit organization that certifies HVACR service technicians. Participation is voluntary. Since you don’t need NATE certification to work in the industry, those who pursue it truly want to master all the knowledge and skills they can.

Extensive Knowledge

To obtain NATE certification, a service technician must have at least two years of work experience and pass rigorous exams. In addition to HVACR knowledge, NATE requires service technicians to have basic knowledge of construction, electricity and other core subjects.

As a result of this extensive training, NATE-certified service technicians can provide guidance about heating and cooling your home. NATE-certified service technicians have training on all regulations governing the use and disposal of hazardous materials as well as electrical and personal safety practices. To maintain their certification, service technicians need continuing education. Therefore, you can rest assured that they always have the latest safety information.

Lower Energy Costs

Incorrectly installed HVAC equipment can increase energy consumption by over 30%. To achieve the lowest energy costs for your home, it’s best to have a well-trained NATE-certified service technician install or maintain your system.

Longer Life for Your HVAC Systems

NATE-certified service technicians know the maintenance requirements of your HVAC equipment. With their guidance and specified maintenance, you can avoid up to 95% of system breakdowns. The right preventive maintenance can also keep your system performing more consistently and prevent toxic emissions of carbon monoxide.

Contact Alltemp Air to find a NATE-certified service technician to install or maintain your HVAC system. Our family-owned HVAC company goes the extra mile to certify our service technicians to provide the best quality service in Lewes, DE.

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