Poor indoor air quality can be uncomfortable in the cold winters or hot summers. Uneven airflow results in hot and cold areas around your home. Here are some of the causes of poor airflow in Milton, DE:

Clogged Intake/Filters

Air intakes often contain filters to help avoid pushing particulate matter into your home. However, when the air intake of your HVAC system is too dusty, it becomes harder for air to enter the system without strain.

To prevent this, check intakes regularly and clean or replace filters as needed. You can start by checking your system monthly, and adjust this schedule for more or less frequency based on the level of dust around your home.

Blocked Registers/Vents

Blocked registers and vents are a common cause of poor indoor air quality. It’s important first to check the vents in every room to ensure that no furnishings obstruct airflow.

The first step to ensure free airflow is creating a thoughtful plan for furniture placement. Make sure that you leave 9 to 12 inches of space around the registers and vents. Obstructions like curtains and bedding also disrupt the flow of air, so keep them clear of your vents, too.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Condenser coils function by eliminating high temperatures in your room. A clogged condenser coil makes the HVAC unit work harder, leading to higher energy bills. Faulty coils with airflow issues result in uncomfortable hot spaces in your home.

Failing Blower Fan

Blower fans operate by moving air in the HVAC unit. A failing blower fan runs slowly before breaking down. Failing fans reduce the airflow and are a cause of increased energy bills due to overworking.

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