Your commercial refrigeration plays an essential role in the operation of your business in Millsboro, DE. It provides the ideal temperatures for product safety. It’s also vital to regularly maintain your commercial refrigerator to keep it functioning optimally. As a result, you avoid unnecessary breakdowns. Here are a few common commercial refrigeration issues:

Unable to Maintain Proper Temperature

Firstly, commercial refrigeration systems fail to maintain the proper temperature for various reasons, including:

  • Dirty evaporator coils.
  • Filthy condensers.
  • A faulty compressor.
  • Undercharged refrigerant.
  • Leaky relief valve.

Ensure the refrigerant door closes and seals well and that you’ve set it to the desired temperature. Contact a professional to inspect your commercial refrigerator, diagnose the problem and fix it before the system completely shuts down.

Power Issues

Does your commercial refrigeration system not power off? Contact repair experts right away. It could be a faulty wiring system that could damage other components, leading to costly repairs or replacements. The repair service technician will inspect your commercial refrigerant to diagnose why it’s experiencing power issues.

Ice Buildup in the Refrigerant

If frost is building up on your commercial refrigeration system, it’s probably due to poor ventilation or its doors remaining open for a long time. The latter scenario allows warm air into the refrigerant and causes condensation that eventually forms frost. Ice accumulation in a commercial refrigerant could also be due to leaks in the unit. Therefore, it’s best to hire an experienced service technician to fix the issue.

Unusual Noises

Finally, unusual noises emanating from a commercial refrigerator may be from a compressor failure, misaligned fan motor or other problems. You shouldn’t ignore any loud or strange noises coming from your commercial refrigerant. That’s because they may indicate an underlying problem with the system. It’s advisable to call a licensed service technician to check the cause of the strange noises. They can fix the appliance to avoid shutting your restaurant or store.

Commercial refrigerant problems can cause losses to your business. Regular commercial refrigerant maintenance and acting fast when you notice something wrong with the appliance can save you thousands of dollars. Contact Alltemp Air today for preventative maintenance to keep your commercial refrigerator functioning optimally.

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