The spring weather in Lewes, DE, is still relatively cool. But the temperature outside will rise soon and require that you turn on your air conditioner. Before you do so, though, it’s vital that you maintain it to save money this summer. Here are four steps you should take to prep your AC system for the coming months of cooling:

Change Your AC Filter

Your air conditioner’s filter encourages proper airflow and filters particle pollutants from your indoor air supply. As a result, it helps your AC system operate more efficiently and protects your health. Ideally, you should check your AC filter every month during the cooling season. Change it if dirt and debris have clogged it to save money this summer.

Switch the Direction of Your Ceiling Fans

Do you have ceiling fans in your house? If you do, that’s good news. In the summer, your ceiling fans should rotate counterclockwise to blow cool air from your air conditioner downward. As a result, they will make your living spaces feel cooler. In turn, this will reduce your reliance on your air conditioner. Turn off ceiling fans in empty rooms.

Trim Around the Outdoor Compressor

During the fall and winter months, it’s likely that branches, twigs and other debris in your backyard have accumulated around your air conditioner’s exterior unit. Take time to remove those impediments and trim at least two feet of clearance around the compressor. Doing so will help encourage proper airflow, resulting in efficient operation and energy savings.

Schedule AC Maintenance

You should leave all other AC maintenance tasks to a trained, certified and experienced professional. Our service technicians can perform a summer cooling 10-point service check that includes a meticulous inspection of your air conditioner and its components. We also offer preventive AC maintenance agreements that include discounts on air conditioner repairs and priority service.

It’s time that you prep your AC system for the cooling season. Contact Alltemp Air today to schedule air conditioner maintenance or to learn more about our agreements. We’ll be happy to help you save money this summer.

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