As a business owner in Lewes, DE, you already know the importance of being proactive as opposed to reactive. Being proactive when dealing with your commercial HVAC system not only increases your business’s energy efficiency. It can also extend its lifespan. Before the cooler temperatures of fall and winter arrive, perform these tasks on your commercial HVAC system:

Schedule Maintenance Early

We generally suggest that customers schedule HVAC maintenance on their commercial HVAC system twice a year. Schedule an HVAC tuneup every spring and fall before temperatures reach their most extreme to ensure your commercial HVAC system is operating efficiently. Addressing any repair needs and charging refrigerant levels are vital tasks. A professional can help you take care of them right away.

Change the Filters Monthly

The air filters in your HVAC system are one of the most important components. Not only do they improve the indoor air quality for your customers and employees, but they also directly impact the performance of your commercial HVAC system. While regular filter changes should be a habit, changing them before heating season begins can greatly improve your system’s efficiency and heating capabilities. You should also make it a habit to change them every month throughout the heating season.

Look for Obvious Leaks

Over time, the seals around your commercial facility’s windows and doors can deteriorate, creating the possibility for heat to escape your building. Make sure that you spend some time walking around the facility and check for any areas prone to heat loss. Weather stripping and caulking are simple to replace and can help protect your business’s energy efficiency and comfort levels.

Whether you need to schedule seasonal maintenance or an HVAC repair service, we have the right solutions for you. Call Alltemp Air today to find out more about all of our HVAC services.

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