You rely on your heating system to keep your home comfortable. If you’re not on a preventive maintenance plan, fall is when you should think about your heating system. There are many reasons to invest in fall heater maintenance annually in Milton, DE.

Energy Savings

A heater that you neglect will get dirty and work harder than necessary to make your home comfortable. Leaky ductwork and reduced airflow will make it difficult for your heater to reach the correct temperature. A heater system you neglect can use about 30% of your energy bills.

Our HVAC professionals will check connections, lubricate moving parts, change air filters, inspect ductwork and more. Every part of the fall maintenance will increase your heater’s efficiency. Your heater running at peak efficiency reduces energy usage and lowers your energy bill.

Longer Lifespan

HVAC systems can last between 10 and 15 years, depending on their age. The older a unit gets, the more often your HVAC system will break down. Our HVAC professionals thoroughly check your heater system during fall maintenance, which can find smaller issues before they become larger problems.

With annual maintenance, you don’t have to deal with large surprise problems as often. Changing the temperature adds stress to your system, so adding a programmable thermostat can give you better control. Your heater will last longer with fall maintenance and save you money by not replacing it sooner.

Fewer Breakdowns

If you invest in fall heater maintenance, you won’t have to worry about emergency system failure as often. You can avoid costly repairs and uncomfortable temperatures during winter. By scheduling annual maintenance, you relieve stress on your system and your family.

Keeps Warranty Valid

All HVAC equipment has service warranties and recommended maintenance plans. Your warranty saves you the stress of looking for a dependable HVAC professional. By keeping up on your fall maintenance, your heater’s warranty will stay valid longer and save you even more.

Our HVAC professionals will make your home cleaner and healthier after a thorough inspection. Dust, dirt and other debris can collect inside your HVAC system, which can reenter your indoor air. If you need heater maintenance this fall in Milton, DE, call Alltemp Air to schedule an appointment today.

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