Are you building a home from the ground up? Or perhaps you’ve added a room to your current house in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Either way, you can benefit in many ways from a ductless air conditioner. This system, also called a mini-split, can cool any room quietly and efficiently. Here are three reasons a mini-split is the most efficient AC system for most homes:

No Energy Loss

First of all, ducts are notorious for not being airtight. You lose much of the cool air that a traditional air conditioner produces before it even reaches your rooms. This means long cycles, greater energy use and the prospect of needing an AC repair in the near future.

A mini-split eliminates that energy waste. It won’t need to run as long to cool your space. And compared to the 15-20 years that a ducted air conditioner can last with proper maintenance, mini-splits typically operate for even longer.

Variable-Speed Operation

Nothing uses more energy and puts more strain on an AC system than the start-up. Fortunately, mini-splits come with variable-speed technology that can minimize the times when they start up and shut down.

What this technology can do is cause the system to slow down once it has reached the set point, speeding it up when the temperature drops. This almost continual operation won’t be a bother since mini-splits are so quiet.

Multi-Zone Cooling

Because each mini-split air handler has its own thermostat, you can create a unique cooling schedule. When one room is unoccupied, simply turn off the mini-split there. This way, you don’t cool any rooms unnecessarily. We can help you decide between a single- and multi-zone ductless installation.

Established in 1994, Alltemp Air has installed plenty of mini-splits in homes across Rehoboth Beach and even performs preventative maintenance on a yearly basis, so call today to learn more. Our family-run business can send out a NATE-certified service technician to your location for a consultation and free estimate.

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