Did you know that the leading causes of furnace failure are dirt and neglect? Regular furnace maintenance can prevent breakdowns and save energy in Lewes, DE. Schedule a maintenance checkup in early fall to get your furnace ready before the cold weather hits. By doing so, your family can stay warm and comfortable this winter.

Keep Your Family Safe

Carbon monoxide poisoning causes about 20,000 emergency room visits and 400 deaths in the United States each year. Faulty heating equipment is a possible source of carbon monoxide gas.

Small cracks can develop in the components of your heating system. Carbon monoxide and other harmful gases could then leak into your home. Since carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, you wouldn’t even know it’s there.

With proper furnace maintenance, you can prevent leaks from ever starting. We perform a leak inspection as part of our furnace maintenance visit.

Avoid Breakdowns

A furnace breakdown in the middle of a cold snap is one of the worst possible winter scenarios. Demand for furnace maintenance peaks during the winter. You could wait for days for service as your family shivers in the cold, then pay more for emergency repairs.

Don’t wait for a crisis to happen. Most heating equipment failures result from little to no maintenance. Regular furnace tuneups can keep your family warm all winter.

Save Energy and Money

Studies show that heating and cooling account for more than half of a household’s average energy costs. To save energy, you want your furnace to run as efficiently as possible.

A poorly maintained heating system consumes more energy, resulting in higher utility bills. Regular furnace maintenance provides greater energy efficiency at a lower cost.

Keep your family safe, warm and comfortable this winter with an early fall furnace tuneup. Call Alltemp Air to find out more about our Winter Heating 10-Point Service Check.

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