Do you depend on an air conditioner that’s more than 10 years old to deliver cold air? If so, chances are you’re not maximizing cooling efficiency in your Lewes, Delaware, home. Here are four reasons to replace your old AC system with a new model:

Stop Spending More to Cool Your House

An old air conditioner is an inefficient system. As a result, it uses more energy to cool your home and increases your cooling bills. When you replace it with a new model, you’ll maximize every dollar you spend on cooling.

Quit Dealing With Breakdowns and Paying for Frequent Repairs

An old air conditioner has been battered and bruised throughout the years. You wouldn’t expect an old person to outperform a young athlete, and that same logic applies to your AC system. The older your air conditioner, the higher the risk of experiencing breakdowns and paying for repairs. At some point, it’s more cost-effective to buy a new model.

Benefit From Variable Speed Fan Motor Technology

One of the most common signs that your air conditioner is old and requires replacing is when it cycles on and off frequently. Constant cycling wastes a lot of energy and strains the system. Air conditioners with variable speed fan motors don’t cycle on and off. They operate at incrementally levels, which provides precise cooling all the time.

Enjoy a More Comfortable and Energy-Efficient Home

Creating a comfortable and energy-efficient home is your priority. Continuing to operate an old air conditioner will only result in discomfort, frustration and financial losses. Investing in a new model will transform your way of life.

Installing an efficient AC system in your home starts with sizing it correctly. Contact Alltemp Air today to make sure the air conditioner you purchase and install is the right size for your home. We’ll here to handle all your cooling needs.

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