By scheduling regular maintenance, you can prolong your commercial HVAC system’s lifespan. However, just like most appliances at your place of business, there comes a time when replacing your old and malfunctioning HVAC system is inevitable. Watch out for the following telltale signs that it’s time to invest in a new commercial HVAC system in Lewes, DE:

Increased Running Time

A faulty commercial HVAC system or one that’s due for replacement struggles to attain the desired temperature. As a result, your system takes longer to heat or cool your establishment.

In some cases, you could attribute the problem to bad coils or a damaged blower motor. Other times, clogged or dirty filters are to blame.

Reach out to an HVAC service technician and have them identify the problem. Sometimes, a few repairs could solve the issue. However, if your system continues to run longer even after repairs, it might be a sign that you need a new one.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Aside from heating and cooling your property, your commercial HVAC system is responsible for maintaining quality indoor air. Unfortunately, without proper maintenance, your system might become the source of indoor air pollutants.

That also happens when a system is in need of repairs. To determine whether your system is to blame for the frequent respiratory infections among employees, request HVAC maintenance services.

The professionals will inspect your system, repair and replace any damaged or broken parts and clean or change the air filters. Once they’re done, your indoor air should be clean and breathable. In the event that the problem doesn’t go away, you should plan on installing a new system soon and investing in IAQ solutions.

Frequent Commercial HVAC Repairs

Is the repair expert frequenting your establishment to perform system repairs? It’s probably time for a new commercial HVAC system.

Although repairs are pretty normal, frequent repairs and replacements can be costly. Therefore, instead of repairing a system that will soon shut down, replacing your HVAC system is the most cost-effective solution.

For budget-friendly, quality and reliable commercial HVAC services, we’re your go-to company. Contact Alltemp Air to schedule a commercial HVAC installation in Lewes, DE, or the surrounding areas.

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