How you use your thermostat can largely determine how comfortable you feel during the summers in Millville, DE. It’ll also impact how much money you spend on cooling. Avoid these three common thermostat mistakes to improve comfort and decrease cooling costs this spring and summer:

Using a Manual Thermostat

First, if you still use a manual thermostat, you should strongly consider replacing it with the more advanced programmable thermostat. Manual thermostats, being old technology, don’t read the indoor temperature as accurately. Since they can’t run on a schedule, you’ll inevitably find yourself running the air conditioner at superfluous times.

Not Programming Your Thermostat

Some homeowners own a programmable thermostat and never bother to create a schedule. Don’t fall into the same mistake. Instead, take the time to adjust the settings around those periods when you’re asleep or away from home. A maintenance service technician could calibrate the thermostat to ensure the accuracy of its temperature readings.

In addition, rather than shutting off the thermostat completely during these periods, simply raise the temperature so that the home doesn’t get extremely hot in your absence. This means the air conditioner may turn on now and then, but this conserves energy better than if the system ran a long time to cool an extremely hot home.

Cranking Down the Thermostat

Some think that cranking down the thermostat below their comfort level will force the air conditioner to cool faster. But in reality, thermostats have no control over the speed of cooling. Keep the temperature at a reasonable 68 degrees.

Alltemp Air has become a trusted source for installations and repairs throughout Millville. The moment you notice something wrong with your thermostat or another component, give us a call. We maintain 24/7 emergency availability, but even in non-emergencies, our service technicians show all the care and solicitude that residents expect from a family-owned company.

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