The time has finally come to replace your heating system. Your heater has either reached the end of its lifespan, or it just needs too many repairs for what it’s worth. Here are some tips to simplify the process of choosing a new heating system for your Milton, DE, home:


Your budget is probably your main concern when it comes to choosing a new heater. This doesn’t just refer to the purchase and installation of a new unit. It also refers to the monthly heating expenses and the heating system’s operational lifetime cost.


You want your heater to be as efficient as possible as this helps you save on utility costs and makes it easier for you to keep your home heated. If you go with a heating system requiring fuel other than electricity, you’re looking for a high AFUE rating. Preventative maintenance also helps with efficiency.

Heating Type

The fuel type of the heater plays a part in which heating system you choose. There are natural gas furnaces, but other furnaces run on propane, heating oil or electricity. Heat pumps extract heat from the surrounding outdoor air to heat the home, and there are also ductless heaters to consider.


When it comes to a heater, you need to purchase one that fits the size of your heating needs. The correct size will slightly exceed your heating needs by no more than 25%. If the heating system is too small, then you won’t have the heat you need.

Don’t wait until your heater quits working. Contact Alltemp Air today to learn about which heating system is right for you, and we’ll install it as soon as possible. Our team is here to make sure you enjoy effective and efficient heating all winter.

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