Is the air conditioner in your Milton, DE, home or business making banging noises? If so, it could have serious problems. Not every banging noise means that you’ll need to replace your system. But these noises are always a sign that something isn’t working quite right. Here’s why an AC system will make banging and clanging noises:

Compressor is Failing

If the thermostat is the brain of your AC system, then you can consider the compressor to be its heart. Most compressors have a maximum useful life of 15 years, and they can make loud noises when they begin to fail. If you’re lucky, the banging is just due to a loose connecting rod or another loose compressor component.

There’s a Problem With the Fan Blades

When your air conditioner’s fan blades slip out of alignment, they can make loud banging noises as they bump into things they shouldn’t ever be nearby. Pay close attention to the rhythm of the banging noises. If the noises follow a distinctive cadence, it’s probably some misaligned blades that are the problem.

Motor Mount is Loose

If you have a loose motor mount, you may hear a loud popping or clicking noise instead of ultra-loud banging noises. Either way, a loose motor mount can cause more serious problems if you don’t get it tightened down as soon as possible. Fortunately, it only takes an HVAC professional a few minutes to fix a loose motor mount.

Your air conditioner should run quietly whenever you need to cool down your home or business, and it should certainly never make loud banging noises. If it sounds like your AC system has a loose part or a component that’s way out of alignment, that’s probably what’s happening. To schedule an AC repair appointment, contact Alltemp Air today.

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