A commercial HVAC system can malfunction in various ways when it has a technical or hardware issue. If your system is malfunctioning in Millsboro, DE, this guide could help you discover the source of the problem.

Poor Air Quality

Your commercial HVAC system’s main purpose is to produce powerful gusts of air. If anything interferes with the airflow, the system will malfunction.

The filter is the first line of defense for your commercial system. Whenever a filter is very dirty or completely clogged, it loses its ability to protect the HVAC equipment.

Once heavy gunk covers vital parts of an HVAC system, the hardware will struggle throughout every heating and cooling cycle. A system needs to breathe so it can function correctly. So if your equipment constantly malfunctions during various cycles, its filtration system probably needs maintenance.

No Refrigerant

Some HVAC problems are only noticeable during cooling cycles. If your commercial system produces mild air instead of cold air on a cool setting, the unit may need a fresh supply of refrigerant.

When you discover a refrigerant-related problem, never delay maintenance because other components could suffer. For example, while the refrigerant is low, a condenser works harder, and this extra effort accelerates wear and tear.

Thermostat Issue

If your commercial HVAC system’s thermostat has a minor hardware problem, it’ll create frequent temperature inconsistencies. A very old thermostat may lose its ability to power up and down the commercial HVAC equipment.

Poor Air Balance

Many systems can develop air balance problems. This issue can cause major temperature inconsistencies in various spaces. If your equipment’s air balance is poor, a service technician may need to repair or replace the dampers.

There are many other reasons commercial HVAC systems malfunction. If you need help with a malfunctioning HVAC unit, contact Alltemp Air to schedule an appointment for our commercial HVAC services.

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