During the cold winter months, gas furnaces in Rehoboth Beach, DE, run at their full capacity. It means that any fault in the furnace can quickly make you very uncomfortable. If the gas furnace’s pilot light keeps going out, it may be due to a weak flame, faulty thermocouple or problem with the pilot orifice or gas regulator.

Weak Flame

One of the most obvious reasons the pilot light keeps going out is a problem with the gas furnace. The easiest way to check for a problem is to light the pilot light and carefully look at its flame.

If the flame is weak and yellowish, it means that the furnace or water heater isn’t getting hot enough to ignite the flame. A strong flame is always bluish-green with a tinge of yellow on the top.

A weak flame will soon go out. To overcome this issue, call an HVAC expert who can diagnose your heating problem.

Faulty Thermocouple

If the pilot flame is strong and seems to have enough energy, you may have a problem with the thermocouple — the copper rod that the flame hits. Also called a flame sensor, it’ll shut the gas off if the pilot flame doesn’t ignite.

In other words, a thermocouple will stop the gas from leaking. Under these circumstances, you should call an expert to fix or replace the thermocouple.

Problems With a Pilot Orifice

A pilot orifice controls the flow of gas to the pilot. While it’s only a small piece, it can malfunction if there’s even a bit of dirt in it. To clean this part, you need to disassemble it from the unit. To clean it properly, call someone who has experience working with gas heaters.

A Bad Gas Regulator

Finally, if the problem continues to persist after the initial inspection, check the other appliances in your home. If any gas appliance shows a weak flame or you have problems with the pilot, call your utility company.

If you need immediate help, contact Alltemp Air to schedule our HVAC services. Our experienced NATE-certified service technicians can take care of all your heating repair and installation needs.

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