Millsboro, DE, can feel cold this time of year. When your ductless HVAC system isn’t working correctly, this can be a real drain on your finances. Don’t let poor heating ruin your early spring. Find out if there’s a problem so that you can feel cozy. Here are a few quick ways to determine what the problem is with your ductless HVAC system:

Ice Formation on the Coils

These systems siphon heat out of the air and use it to warm your home through a coil system. Since these draw heat directly, the system needs to evaporate a refrigerant, so the air around the coil starts to become colder. If you notice that the condensation around the coils is freezing, this is a prime indication the HVAC system isn’t functioning properly.

Leaking Condensate Line

If you ever notice water stains forming around the ductless HVAC system, this is a prime indicator that there may be a leaking condensate line. This can happen when the drainage pipe has a blockage or has become clogged, which will cause the condensation to back up and drip down to the area under the system. This will cause the system to heat less efficiently and also provides a means for ice to form.

Problems With the Refrigerant

Modern ductless HVAC systems use a refrigerant called R-410A, which is a more environmentally friendlier alternative than the older R-22. While most systems have enough refrigerant to last for years, sometimes you may need to add more. If the HVAC system isn’t heating and cooling your property correctly, you may need to add some more.

Alltemp Air places maximum value on your comfort and will help our customers get the most out of their ductless HVAC systems. We offer several services that will troubleshoot any issues and create a solution designed to make you more comfortable. Give us a call today.

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