Affordable Preventative Maintenance Plans for Lewes, Millsboro, Milton, Rehoboth Beach & More!

Dirt and neglect are the number one cause for heating and cooling system failures. One of the most important steps you can take to prevent future problems and unwanted costs is a bi-annual maintenance program. When done properly, maintaining your system will save you money on energy bills and help it last longer. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your HVAC system is maintained by licensed and trained service technicians.

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Summer Cooling 10-Point Service Check

  • Install gauges and check operating pressure.
  • Inspect condenser coil.
  • Check and tighten all electrical connections.
  • Lubricate bearings & motors where applicable.
  • Inspect and clear condensate drain.
  • Cycle & check thermostat for accuracy.
  • Check & adjust fan belt where applicable.
  • Check voltage & amperage to condensing unit.
  • Clean or change 1 basic air filter per system*.
  • Check refrigerant.

*Additional charge for extra or specialty filters.

Winter Heating 10-Point Service Check

  • Inspect heat exchanger for cracks & soot.
  • Adjust flame for optimum efficiency.
  • Check fuel pipe & be sure of adequate draft.
  • Check and clean burners as necessary.
  • Check fuel supply for leaks & operating pressure.
  • Check and clean pilot assembly.
  • Check fan control & limit operation.
  • Check and lubricate blower assembly as necessary.
  • Cycle and check thermostat for accuracy.
  • Clean or change 1 basic air filter per system*.

*Additional charge for extra or specialty filters.

Ask About Our Preventative Maintenance Agreements

  • Includes two preventative maintenance services per year (summer cooling & winter heating checks).
  • Labor for repairs discounted 15%.
  • 15% discount on parts.
  • Priority service.

Pre-existing conditions are not covered under our Preventative Maintenance Agreements.

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